Milner Heights

Langley BC

Milner Heights

Langley, BC

Vesta Properties’ Milner Heights neighbourhood in Langley features a wide variety of distinct home types including mixed-used condos, townhomes, rowhomes and single family homes.  A master planned community of classically inspired homes with walking paths, detention ponds, and protected green space, all wrapped around a contemporary residential neighbourhood.  Since entering the Georgie Awards in 2009, Vesta Properties has earned 16 finalist awards, and won Residential Community of the Year in 2012. Spread over 300 acres of green space with extensive trails and landscaped ponds, PMG provided full landscape plans for all phases of the development including 10 playgrounds, community gardens, pathways and greenways with walking and biking trails, protected existing trees, a diversity of outdoor activities for the residents, stormwater management bioswales, and more.
Completion: 2019
Category: Residential

PMG Landscape Architects

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